• Sq.Ft. Offered: 622 – 2,521 NRA.

  • Rental Rate: $18-19/SF/year (gross), rent includes utilities, janitorial service & maintenance.

  • Tenant Improvement Allowance: Turnkey packages using our in-house space planner and constructions department.

  • Lease Term Offered: 3-10 years.

  • Security: 24/7 card key access, more than 15 video surveillance cameras, accessible through the internet, monitored alarm system.

  • Amenities: On-site management, On-site maintenance, fiber ready.


If our building doesn't meet your business space needs, at no cost to you, we can help you find another building that will.



“You can’t manage what you can’t measure” 

                                                                                                                                     Jack Welch    

G&W has become a partner of EPA’s Energy Star program, using the application Portfolio Manager®, an online tool that can be used to measure and track energy and water consumption in a yearly basis, with the goal to benchmark the performance of our client’s building with a nation’s database. Using this methodology any of our clients' property could be compared with the nation’s database of similar properties and get scored on a scale of 1 to 100.

The EPA estimates that more than 30% of the energy used inside buildings is wasted through activities like

lighting and cooling empty rooms”.

                                                                                                                       Environmental Protection Agency


Our performance history shows operating cost reductions up to 25 percent and a  95% of occupancy rate; maintaining 100% compliance with building codes and regulations, and experiencing minimum downtime on managed equipment..

Our goal is to provide customers with a quality management experience while assuring optimal asset performance.


FOCUS ON YOUR CORE COMPETENCY, each area of business that does not support your core product and services like property services can be outsourced. Outsourcing allows you to concentrate on your core competencies and objectives, while we take care of your property.  Get to control your operating costs and avoid the hassles of hiring and retaining personnel.  





Energy savings with our Renaissance Energy Management™ implementation, monitoring and controlling energy consumption.

Benchmark the performance of the building, using Portfolio Manager® from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Predictive and preventive maintenance

High efficiency lighting improvements

Electrical/ Mechanical engineering and commissioning

Voltage testing & solutions

Sustainability solutions



VENDOR SOURCING/ CONTRACTING/ SUPERVISING  (Onsite or dispatched\personnel)





Our proprietary methodology, M3+, achieves energy savings along three different tiers:


MEASURE office energy consumption/temperature at several levels - from the organization and building to every office. This information empowers organizations to identify and address their greatest sources of energy waste, which typically results in a possible 10% energy reduction.


MANAGE the use of energy - automatically shutting off power to office equipment such as computers, monitors, printers, copiers, and vending machines during off hours when the devices are not in use. This level of fine-grained control typically reduces office energy consumption by 9%.


MOTIVATE human behavior - by publishing the energy consumption among peers. This approach positively motivates employees to shut off monitors, turn off lights, and adopt other energy saving practices; reducing office energy consumption another 6% on average. Moreover, it engages the entire workforce in a common "green" goal, which benefits employee morale.