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About Us.

We are a Commercial/Residential Real Estate Company, incorporated in the State of Texas. Our goal is to add value to our tenants and clients via technology, proactive management, and tenant/client satisfaction.  We manage and operate 800 Wilcrest Dr. office building, which is located near the Energy Corridor and West Chase Business Districts.   We also provide management services and tenant/client advising services for commercial and residential real estate.

As the economy improves in Houston and office space vacancies continue to decrease, it is essential to negotiate a low rate and try to extend the lease for as long as possible.  As demand increases and supply remains, constant rent rates are likely to increase.


A primary driving concept at G&W Holdings, LLC is the concept of Production Profitability Frontier (PPF) which shows that the main two determinants of the position of the PPF at any giving time are the state of technology and management.  G&W Holdings sets up to increase its productivity and efficiency, by concentrating on technology and the management of its assets.  By doing so G&W can provide a better service to our clients, but at the same time reducing operating cost.


If you are looking for office space, we can help you with lease renewal negotiations or finding and negotiating your new office space.


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